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“ with the alternative use of just one cell, you can construct the universe”.


In my work, I have been processing for many years the “layers of time”, focusing my attention on “symptoms” left by the fluid image, which is the one determining the social consciousness for the meaning of “time”. I juxtapose primitive with electronic means, materials and structures with historical or natural origins as well as intangible materials that are able to transform and give a new meaning to things. Moving gradually from 1988 a period that marks the “end of the era’ of the black-and-white moving image to the current fluid electronic field.


I am more interested in the trace and the impact each era leaves on the human memory, the soul and the spirit, giving them a poetic nuance, rather than the representation of images. Also of importance is the identification of “symptoms” that apply in parallel, both as a historical overview of a particular culture, as well as an electronic structure of the universal virtual space, with virtual allusions to the endurance of simple concepts –Aristotelian, Platonic or Pythagorean theorems– that last throughout time and preserve their validity unchanged in the current time. I adopt primitive geometric forms that are not bound by time and through them I reconstruct the field of cell-like construction of the natural, up until their identification with the binary format (01) of the electronic environment. In other words:“with the alternative use of just one cell, you can construct the universe”.



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