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outlook                                                                                   material - immaterial

autofota - heterofota 1990+

systéme global 1994+

urban fields 1990+


2008-9 Cells / Musée du Louvre 

''Cells is the title Theodoulos has chosen for his work made for the Louvre, as it exactly defines the heart of the matter which rules his entire work. The cell, working as a symbol in his mind, crystallises and underlies his work and justifying it calls for a new way of understanding Aristotles’ Physics where by : “ matter carries in itself the origin of movement and of change, but takes shape and builds up as a picture through the mind”. In his “video sculptures” and his “expanded paintings”, Theodoulos conjugates diachronic, archetypal forms, such as: spheres, cones, cubes, in various cellular combinations on which projected pictures come to life by slides and video pictures that, by definition, pertain to the world of immateriality which for him is equivalent to the immateriality of the though'' ...    A.M.



…The electronic and almost post-electronic age gives rise to a constantly changing landscape, which is losing the sense of the partial world and is being replaced by the total, or spherical, world. The dynamics of the metamorphosis are becoming more important than the shape. Time is becoming more and more perceptible through the dynamics and the emotional energy of its change and its motion, rather than its shape...     Th. 1996

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