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His participation in the Venice Biennale (Aperto 1990) was the beginning of a significant presence in the international art scene. He has created monumental works in public spaces in Cyprus, France and Greece. Ηe has presented his work in many solo and international group exhibitions in Cyprus and abroad, 



1956       Born in Malounda, Nicosia Cyprus.


1977-1981   Painting -Studies at the Institute de Arte Plastice

                 “N. Grigorescu Bucharest Scholarship from UNESCO

1986-1987  Scholarship from the French Government. Cite International                        des Arts

                 and in Ecole National des Beaux Arts, Paris, (“Prix Matisse” 1995).

1994          Artist in residence FRAC – CRAC d’ Alsace

2020          Correspondent member of Cyprus Academy of Sciences                             Letters and Arts              

                 Lives and work in Cyprus and Paris



2023          National Museum of Contemporary Art Bucharest


2018          Diatopos Art Center Nicosia


2016          Place du Louvre Paris

2012          Veralbane, Paris


2008-09    Musée du  Louvre,  Paris


2009          Diatopos Atr Center  Nicosia


2006           UNESCO , Paris


2005           Diatopos Atr Center  Nicosia


2004           Gallery Beacker Cologne


2003         • Morphy Gallery-Limassol

                • Bohem Press Zurich

                 • Gallery Andersen Zurich


2001          “Ileana Tounda” Centre of Contemporary Art, Athens

                 • Diatopos, Centre of Contemporary Art, Nicosia


2000          Zina Athanasiadou Gallery, Thessaloniki


1999           Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki

                  • Casino de Monaco


1998           Centre Municipal d’Art Contemporaine, Andre Malraux-Colmar,                   France


1996           The Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre, Nicosia

                  • “Ileana Tounda” Centre of Contemporary Art, Athens


1993           “Diaspro” Art centre, Nicosia

                  • “SYSTEME GLOBAL II”, Guest Artist, FRAC/CRAC d’Alsace,                           France

                  • “URBAN”, “Ileana Tounda, Centre of contemporary  Art, Athens


1992            “SYSTEME GLOBAL”, Centre d’Art Contemporain Midi-Pyrénées,                                      Toulouse ,France

                  •  Galerie Claude Fain, Paris


 1991           “GLOBAL”, Kolossi Medieval Castle, Limassol

                  • “URBAN”, “Diaspora” Art Centre, Nicosia

                  “ AFTOFOTA-ETEROFOTA”, “Diaspro” Art Centre, Nicosia


1987            “TRANSFORMATIONS-TRANSFIGURATIONS”, “Diaspro” Art                            Center,  Nicosia


2022         ‘’In ictum Arianna'' – Tapiserie ,  Municipal  Arts Center,                                 Larnaca, curators Catherine Nikita, Josef Chatzikyriakos

                -‘’Visual Scenes‘’ Municipal Arts Center Limassol .  curator                             Mariza Bartzili

                 -Pinacotheque of Athens, curators, Efi Kyprianidou, K. Koskina,


2021           International Art Exhibition Hainan, China, curator K. Koskina


2020          FRAC d’Alsace, France


2019          ‘’Return to Africa’’ Bandjoun Station , Cameroon, cutator Andri                        Michael


2017          So Close Yet So Far Away, Patah Tikva Museum Israel curator                         Yannis Toumazis


2016          Kolossi Castle  Limasol,  curator N. Anaxagorou


2015          Lanitis Fountation, Limassol ‘’Αισθηση και νοηση’’ curator Eleni                   Nikita


2014         ‘’Touch me not Byzantine analogies in Cypriot art’’,Pelentri, St                         Cross Cherch, curator N. Anaxagorou


2013           Lanitis Fountation, Limassol ‘’ Maniera Cypria’’ curator N.                              Anaxagorou


2012            Mentiterranean in CRISIS , Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre,                            Nicosia


2010            Cyprus in Venice Biennale,  Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre,                          Nicosia


2007           Tretyakov  Gallery ,Moscow


2005           Olympic ,Art Museum  Seoul  . Korea

                 • Museum Iancelevich La Luvier , Belgium

                 • Kunsthaus Mannheim,

                 • Musée d’Art Modern Ostend

                 . Wattviller Apollonia Strasburg


2004         . Athens by Art  2004  - Olympic Games - Sculpture / Athens

                 • “New 10”, Kupersmuhle Museum,Duisburg / Kunstlerhaus                            Vienne

                 • Greek and Turkish Contemporary Art,Leverkusen. Age Erini-                       Istanbul, Macedonian  Museum of Contemporary Art                                   Thessaloniki

                 • COSMOPOLIS, State Museum of Contemporary Art,                                     Thessaloniki

                 • “La conquet de lair, Public Museum of Contemporary Art,                             Thessaloniki

                 • Gallery Andersen, Zurich

                  Playgrounds & Toys - Manufacture des Oeliest, Paris


 2003          KUNST Zurich - Gallery Andersen

                 • “La conquet de l’air, Contemporary Art Museum Les Abattoirs,                     Toulouse

                 •  State Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki


2002          Park Royal, Toulouse, sculpture -permanent  installation

                 •“Kunsthall”, Cologne


2001         • OPEN - Lido, Venice


2000         “Moving Images”, The Nicosia Municipal Arts Centre, Nicosia

                 • Contemporary Art Museum Les Abattoirs, Toulouse


1999          North-South, National Museum, Wharsovia

                 • Art Junction, Nice France (1est  Price for Sculpture, Prize for the best                             presentation,    Gallery “Ileana Tounda”)


1998           MEDITERRANEA-Brussels ( Organization: Smitten Gorreri )


1997           Biennial Venice,

                 • Memories and Contemporary Ways of Cypriot Plastic,                                 European Capital of  Culture”Thessaloniki 1997”, Greece

                • Art Athena (“Ileana Tounda” Centre of Contemporary Art)


1995          •  Rip Arte - Roma (“Ilene Touda” Centre of Contemporary Art

                 • “POLYTROPA”, Rethimno, Crete

                 • “POLY-TROPES”, Chateau des Ducs d’Epemon, Cadillac, France

                 •  Foir d’Art des Brussels, (Gallery “Renos Xypas”, Paris)


1994           Art & Photonics, International Symposium ARTCAPI, Ministry of                   Culture, France, Institute Pasteur, Strasbourg

                 • “TECHNI-MYTIS”, “Goulandri” Museum, Athens, Famagusta Gate,                  Nicosia Centre  d’Art Contemporaine Grenoble, Ministry of                          Culture, Cyprus and Greece,   ( Curator: Adelina von                                    Furstenberg)

                 • Biennial Duarte Emergente. “Idea Europa “, Sienna, Italy

                 • International Sculpture Symposium, Delphi European Centre,                    Greece


1993           FRAC  / CRAC  d’Alsace   

                 • Art 93, Bassel (“Ileana Tounda” Centre of Contemporary Art-                        Athens )


1992           FIAC (Galerie Claude Fain, Paris)

                  • Art and New Technologies, European Program, Fast monitor.                       “Interurban”  (Installation) • “Ileana Tounda” Centre of                                    Contemporary Art-Athens

                 • SANAT- ΤΕΧΝΗ  Istambul  , curators ,texts Efi Strouza, Beral Madra


1990            APERTO ’90, Venice Biennial

                  • Contemporary Art Museum, Savanna, Italy

                  • Gallery “Credito Vaitelinese “,MBariilano, Italy

                  • APHRODITE: “Harmony and Inconceivable”, Famagusta Gate,                       Nicosia “DESTE”  Foundation - Laiki Bank - Ministry of Culture,                     Cyprus)

                  • Modern Art Museum, Toulouse


1989           EXPO-ARTE, Bari, Italy (“Diaspora” Art Centre)

                 • “Mediterranean for contemporary Art”, Bari, Italy (curator: Efi                       Struza  Thessaloniki)


1987           2nd Biennial of New Artists from Mediterranean European                           Countries,  Thessaloniki  “Contemporary Art of Cyprus”, Athens

                  • “New Artists” (ECUME), Marsalle

1983           Contemporary Art Park, Nicosia. curator: Efi Strouza

                  26  Art Symposium, Prilep, Skopia, Yugoslavia.






1982          Structure in relief, wood and colour, 400X300cm, The Cultural                      Centre of the   Cyprus Popular Bank,  Nicosia.

1984          “Tholos-Mitra”, diam. 600 cm, depth 270cm, Park of                                       Contemporary Art, Nicosia.

1990         “Phaestos Disc”, Phaestos marble, metal, mirror, diam. 300cm,                        depth 60 cm, The 2nd International Art Symposium, Ayios                            Nicolaos, Crete.

1993          AUTOFOTA-HETEROFOTA”, cement, TV monitors and stainless                      steel, diam. 600cm, depth 70 cm,   Industrial Training Centre,                        Nicosia.

1994         “Omphalos”, cement, TV monitor, video, diam. 180 cm, depth                         270cm,    International  Sculpture Symposium, Delphi, Greece.

1995         “RESOLUTION”, 400X600cm, at the Green Line, Nicosia,

1999         “URBAN”, Piece in seven parts, cement, colo120X120X18r, glass,                       drawing,  120X120X18 cm, Cypriot Ministry of Urban Planning,                       Nicosia.

2000        Parc Royal , Toulousem France

2006        International competition. 1st price Park of Europe – Nicosia –                     Cyprus.

2009        Larnaca  International Airport, Cyprus ( Hermes , Bouygues )

2010         UNESCO – Paris  patrimonian collection




UNESCO  patrimonian collection

"Les Abattoirs" Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Toulouse, France.

Fond Regional d’ Art Contemporaine Midi - Pyrenées. France.

Fond Regional d’ Art Contemporaine Alsace, France.

Museum of Contemporary Art, Savona, Italy.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, France.

The Cyprus State Gallery.

Municipal Centre of Contemporary Art André  Malraux, Colmar, France.

Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki.

In a number of private collections of Cyprus, France, Belgium, England, Switzerland, Italy and Greece




1990     THEODOULOS,  La Biennale di Venezia, “APERTO 90”, text: Efi                       Strouza, D. Davvetas, published by the    Ministry of Culture and                 Education of Cyprus, The Cyprus  Popular Bank.

1991      THEODOULOS,  published by the Secretariat for Youth.

1992      THEODOULOS-URBAN, published by the Ileana Tounta                               Contemporary Art Centre, Athens.

1992     THEODOULOS, “Systéme Global”, Monographie, Centre Régional d’               Art Contemporaine, Midi-Pyrénées, Toulouse, text: Efi Strouza, K.                 Axelos, Alain  Mousseigne (National prize of artistic edition 1992,                 France).

1993      THEODOULOS, edition FRAC/CRAC d’ Alsace, text: Alain                              Mousseigne, D.Constantinides, J.C. Altoé.

1996      THEODOULOS, edition Municipal Arts Centre, Nicosia, text:                          Yiannis Toumazis.

1997      THEODOULOS, edition Centre d’ Art Contemporaine de Colmar,                  France.

1997      THEODOULOS, La Biennale di Venezia, published by the Ministry                of Culture and The Cyprus Popular Bank.

2000     THEODOULOS / published Macedonian Museum of                                    Contemporary Art.Thessaloniki.

2008     THEODOULOS / expo, Musée du Louvre, edition Ministry of                        culture Cyprus


BOOKS / CATALOGES  referring to his work (selection)


1986  Biennale of Young Artists of European Mediterranean Countries,                  Thessaloniki , Greece.

1990  “Meditarraneo per l’ Arte Contemporanea”, Bari, Italy .

1990  Biennale di Venezia (APERTO ’90), Fabri ’ editions.

1990 “APHRODITE: Harmony and the Inconceivable”, Gnosi editions, E.                  Navaro, Athens 

1990  New Mediterranean Identity”, Crete.

1992  SANAT- ΤΕΧΝΗ  Istambul  , texts Efi Strouza, Beral Madra

1994  “Idea Europa” Palazzo Public Sienna Italy .

1997  Biennale di Venezia editions Politi

1998  Mediterranean, Bruxelles, 

2001  Moving Images published. Municipal Contemporary Art Center                  Nicosia.

2001   Kunst fur ein Europa im Aufbruch

2004   ATHENS BY ART  published AICA-HELLAS

          Berliner Mauer Künsthalee Köln

1991-1995 -5 Ans d’Acquisition FRAC d' Alsace

2007  Memories and contemporary rouds of Cypriot plastic arts

2007  Κυπρος (Cyprus ) - editions Kotinos

2004   La toison d’or – Apollonia Strasbourg

2004   The new 10 – Museum Küppershühle ; Düisburg

2005   From the Fall of the Berlin wall to DMZ, Korea

2007   EUROPE- RUSSIA-EUROPA, State Tredyakov Gallery

          20 years –Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art –tome I

2014   28+ Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, /  Hoipel

2014   Touch me not –Analogies in Contemporary Art

1991   Aφροδιτη Αρμονια και το Ασυλληπτο , εκδοσεις Γνωση, Navaro

2010   Chypre l’ art au présent

          Cyprus - Chypre - Apollonia text- inrerveu with Elena Parpa

2011   To Aντικειμενο - ιδρυμα Λανιτη κειμενο Αντρη Μιχαηλ

          etr,  etr,


International Art Press ( selection )


Le Monde, 28/7/1992 ‘’Ruines Greques modernes’’ , by Philippe Dagen, Art Press, oct 92,texts by Didier Arnaudet, Anne Dagbert Beaux Arts hors serie- Les Abattoirs, Art in America, Flash Art, Dépeche du Midi, D.N.A.30/3.94 text by Corin Ibram, Alsace, 8/1/94 text by Pierre-Luis Cereja, La Republica, 26/5/90 text by Natalia Aspesi ‘’Questa electrica Biennale’’  La Stampa, 26/5/ 90 ‘’Dopo il Muro’’ Abiente Berlin e I giovanni di Aperto 90 by Angelo Dragone, La Noueva Venezia, 29 ,5,90 ‘’Biennale : La matrice tecnologica nelle opera dell’ avagardia,’’ by: Carlo Montanaro , Corriere della Serra, Arca nr 40, Il Segnio, Sima, ARTI v.9 text by Athina Schina  , Ta Nea Tis Technis, Tefchos, Ta Nea, To Vima, Kathimerini, Phileleftheros interviews  by Marina Schiza,  Politis by  Ch.Lambrou LIGEIA Nr 45-48 / 2003 text by Alain Moussegne (France).  

Balzer Zeitung / Swiss 8/3/94 ‘’Systeme global’’ by Sigmar Gassert,


TV / Radio ( selection )


France Culture, radio (Dormir Debout February 2009)

ERT TV 2009 ‘’Η εποχη των Εικονων ‘’/ interview by K.Zacharopoulou 55’  Greece , Doiche Velle TV ( UNESCO opening, oct. 2010 ),Germany, RIK Radio and TV,  Cyprus ( from 1982 to today- a Nr. of TV and Radio emissions ) , ‘’Theodoulos ‘’Video by Paschalis Papapetrou for RIK TV, 10’, Forum de Shallot / Forum d’ Avignon- April 2014, internet transmition  3’  France 3 TV / Centre , oct.2010 interview 3’ ,etr ,etr


Theatre  - Stage design


1982    Soma- xoros ( corp -space ) choreography Ariana Oikonomou                      music Nicolas Oikonomou

1989    End of the Game   , Samuel Becket   ( theater ENA / A.Pantzis  )                    Cyprus

1995    NIKI    , Loula Anagnostaki   THOK   ( national theater / A.Pantzis  )              Cyprus

2001    Macbeth  , Shakespeare  THOK   ( national theater / A.Pantzis  )                     Cyprus

2014     Prometheus Bound , Aeschylus - Kypria , international Festival,                     Ministry of  education and culture, / A.Pantzis  ) Cyprus


Archtecture / urbanism


- Communal Center / Malounda – co- creation  with architect                       G.Patsalosavis

- Nice Day Tower -Nicosia  competition – co-creation  with architect             G.Patsalosavis

- Tram - Strasburg / competition, selected group 2nt  Price  ( collaboration     with a group of architects / France )

- Tram - Grenoble / competition  2nt  Price  (collaboration with a group of     architects / France)

- Europe Park – Nicosia / landscape, sculpture 1st ,2nt price collaboration C.   Chrisanthou arch.




1985  Frederic Institute of Technology (a semester, as visitor professor )                Cyprus

1991  Ecole de Beaux Arts de Trois  France

1993  Ecole de Beaux Arts de Strasburg France

         Ecole de Beaux Arts de Mulhouse France

1995  Laiki Cultural Center ‘’ Constantin Brancusi and Byzantine Art ’’                    Nicosia

1994  Institute Pasteur, ‘’ l’ Art et Photonique ‘’ , Strasburg, France

1994  Intercollege , Nicosia  Cyprus        

1997  Ecole de Beaux Arts de Besancon France

2006  Visual Artists Association (Kasteliotissa) “The Artist’s Status “, Nicosia

2009, 2010, 2012, Forum d’ Avignon, France

2009  Cyprus University ‘΄Les Droids d’ author ‘’, Cyprus

2010   Frederic University ( School of Architecture )  Nicosia, Cyprus

2012   Cugneux Cultural Center, Toulouse, France

2014   Visual Artists Association ‘’For a Museum of Contemporary Art’’,                   Cyprus




1986  “Prix Matisse” French embassy

1999   Art Jonction- Nice., Public  Prize for Sculpture, and Public Prize for               the best presentation,    Gallery “Ileana Tounda”)

1993   Art editions France / editions ARTPAP –Centre Reginal d’Art                         Contemporain Midi - Pyrenées




1983   Popular bank cultural center  1st Price

1984   Park of Contemporary Art, Nicosia

1995   Nice Day Tower -Nicosia  competition –co-creation  with architect               G.Patsalosavis

1995   Green Line – Nicosia , Ministry of Education and culture

1999   Tram - Strasburg / competition , selected group 2nt  Prize                             (collaboration with a group of architects - urbanists / France)

1999   1%,  Cypriot Ministry of Urban Planning, Nicosia.

1998   Tram - Grenoble / competition  2nt  Price  (collaboration with a                   group of architects /  France

2001   1%, , Supteme Court, Nicosia   2nt  Prize 

2004   1% , Ministry of Public Works Belding

2004   1% Court Limassol , 2nt  Prize 

2000   Park Royal , Toulouse, France

2006   Europe Park – Nicosia / landscape, sculpture 1st ,prize collaboration           C. Chrisanthou arch.

2007   1% Cyprus Audit Authority

2010   Cité de Tapisserie d’Aubusson ,finalist



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